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Between Two Heavens

Entre Deux Paradis

A short narrative Film in development

In a Parisian fashion atelier, Sarah (25), has to finish sewing a red dress for the big fashion show. After facing alone the mourning of her mother who disappeared a few months earlier, she is happy to see the return of her older sister Gulistan, who left to join the Kurdish fighters in Syria. But when Sarah learns that Gulistan wants to go back to the battlefront, she tries to hold her back by asking her to wear her dress for the parade. 

Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 14.44.21.png

Le projet a été finaliste au concours du Pitch au Festival de l'écrit à l'écran 2020


Réalisateur : Mohammad Shaikhow
Scénario : Mohammad Shaikhow, Ephrem Koering


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