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The Dream Betrayed Me


A Feature Film in Development
by Mohammad Shaikhow
Screenwriters : Mohammad Shaikhow and Ephrem Koering



In Qamishli in the north of Syria in 2004, twenty-year-old Mesto, a talented football player, dreams of joining the local club. Despite his skills, however, he is not selected by the officials because he is a Kurd, which means he has no identification papers. When Qamishli’s team plays a match against their arch-rivals from the neighbouring town, a player is injured – an emergency that prompts the coach to ask Mesto to step onto the pitch. After about ten minutes of play, Mesto unexpectedly scores but his joy is short-lived when a riot bursts out in the stands between rival fans and several people are killed. The event quickly ignites a rebellion demanding more rights for Kurds. While his dreams of playing football are swept aside, Mesto becomes the symbol of the Kurds’ struggle against the Syrian regime.


The project has been selected in development at Marrakech International Film Festival - Atlas Workshops 2020

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